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  • Are we a Fair Trade Project.
    Yes. We dedicate a large amount of our time on designing each product directly with the artisans, and making sure we are paying a fair price according to the hours spent by the artisan on each product. We make sure to pay our artisans after delivery. We organize motivational events, Christmas parties, and give away gifts to our artisans.
  • Are these one of a kind pieces.
    Depends on the product line. Shigra bags are one of a kind pieces. We try to replicate some designs but designs, measurements, fibers used, will always be different. This is what makes a shigra a treasure of the Andes. Textiles Throws, ponchos and straps are not entirely handmade. Therefore we can replicate many pieces.
  • Why delivery can take up to 40 days.
    We work with indigenous communities of the Andes; therefore, production of each piece takes time. Weaving an XLarge Shigra Bag can take up to 90 days. And the textiles have a semi manual production process, therefore it can also take some weeks for us to get the product ready. If we have it on stock it will be delivered right away and will take only 1-2 weeks to arrive.
  • Do we make custom made pieces.
    We can definitely produce custom made pieces. We have a Corporate line for textiles with the design you require (ask for details). We also produce single pieces custom made. Prices will be higher, or mininums can be higher.
  • What are the exact sizes of the Mini, Small, Medium, Intermediate, Large, Xlarge, XXlarge shigra bags."
    The sizes will never be exact as these are one of a kind handwoven pieces with a small needle. However, these are the approximate sizes: Average height XXLarge: 19 inches /50cm XLarge: 17.7 inches /45cm Large: 15.8 inches / 40cm Intermediate: 13.8 inches / 35cm Medium: 11.8 inches / 30cm Small: 7.87 inches / 20cm Mini: 6.5 inches / 16.5cm Average Wide Wide will usually be from 1.18 inch / 3 cm shorter than its height, or viceverse.
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