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aprox. 13.8 inches tall

Crossback strap


Shigra bags are used since centuries ago, to take seeds into the fields.

Handwoven with a small needle, stitch by stitch, with cabuya plant natural fiber. The process takes from 1 to 9 weeks, according to the size and design. This product is under risk of extinction.


SKU: 0141

    Shigra bags should not be washed. Color can come out.

    For cleaning, you can use a dry brush and pass it over, the material is very strong and wont be damaged.

    If a stain gets into the white areas, you can use a small toothbrush, Clorox, and transparent liquid soap, and clean the area a couple of times for a couple of minutes. Make sure not to get Clorox or water over the colored areas.

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